Edgar Allan Poe, and the mystery of his death

tumblr_nkt6fsbmgY1uohyofo1_250Edgar Allan Poe, 40 years old, “Annie” daguerreotype, 1849, the year he died. Intelligent and feroce at the same time, Poe wasn’t appreciated by everyone. His friends were often shocked by his clothes excessively neat and his excellent elocution. He officially died on 7th of October 1849 due to a “congestion of the brain”. But the cause of death was strongly questioned. As few days before his death Poe was found sick by Dr James E. Snodgrass in the 4th polling station of Ryan, the most accepted theory is that he died because the city was electing the sherif. Indeed some agents were running through polling stations making people drink a cocktail made of alcohol and narcotics.

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