Clean water: not enough on earth or too much wasted ?

Water consumption per person per countries


It is well known that not everyone has access to drinkable water on earth while those others have more than what they need. Stereotypes a part, we will review here 8 scientifically verified facts about water on earth, the needs, and the consumptions.

  1. There is 5 millions m3 of drinkable liquid water per person on earth: 1m3 = 1000 liters
  2. the UN suggests that human needs only 20-50 litres of safe freshwater a day for drinking, cooking and cleaning
  3. Individuals in the United States use an average of 500 liters, those in Canada an average of 300 liters, those in France an average of 234 liters,  and those in England an average of 200 liters
  4. If you shorten your showers by just a single minute, you can save approximately 700 gallons of water in a month. 1 gallon = 3.8 liters
  5. Letting the tap run when you brush your teeth wastes up to 4 gallons of water every time.
  6. Leahy reveals that 95 percent of our water footprint is hidden in our meals.  More than 1,300 gallons is required to produce a 12 oz. steak. Eating vegetarian or even vegan is a good to reduce water footprint.
  7. The clothes we wear also consume vast amounts of freshwater to produce with cotton T-shirts and denim jeans exceptionally high in water use. One pound of cotton requires 700 gallons of water.
  8. Cars consume tens of thousands of gallons of water during manufacturing, but the gas required to run them uses more than a gallon of water for each gallon of gas.

In conclusion, it is clear that the problem of water isn’t related to an over populated planet, but it is a direct consequence of an over consumption. Indeed, our way of life leads us to consume much more water than what we really need to, this without even being aware of it.

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